Updates about Android Apps made by Norfeldt

It’s been about a month since kvaksalver was published on the android market. It has been a great experience and much better then I anticipated. It has been downloaded over 600 times in a month!

Therefore I have worked hard on improvements since it seems to fulfill some users needs.

I have made some user interface improvement and launched a PRO version.

You can now decide your own button function by choosing from a predefined list of search engines/databases.

The PRO version has some cool features and is mostly for the people than needs a bit more.

Home screen

PRO version include:

* 2 more buttons
* Ability to add your own search engine (see video below)
* move app2SD
* 1 dedicated PubMed button (in free version it is accessed through a Entrez search)
* Good feeling (buying the app supports me and that must give a good feeling 😉

Add your own search engine

Watch video here: http://screenr.com/K6u

Dedicated PubMed search

Hope you like the improvements and comment if you have any suggestions.


Comments on: "Kvaksalver update and PRO version" (2)

  1. Pastore said:

    Good Morning,

    First of all, sorry for my English.Iḿ a student, and iḿ doing a bachellor final project and itś based on the comunication between NXT Robot and Android. I see your aplication on Android Market, and also i see that you app can comunicate with the ultrasonic sensor. This is my very big problem. I don’t know, how can i connect with the sensor, and i’m asking you to you for this. I know that is an extrange question, but i need some help, and i would be very grateful that you gave me some guidelines for communicating with sensors, nothing more.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hello Pastore

      It’s no problem that you write to me (even through that it doesn’t relate to the topic of this post).

      I’m not sure if I can help you out? I have build my Build Controller for LEGO NXT with AppInventor – because I wanted to try out the new support for LEGO NXT. This means that I can’t see the java-code…

      If you also are building your app with AppInventor – then I’m should be able to help you out. I myself had some troubles getting the Ultrasonic sensor up and going. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have added the right component in the design view. Make sure that it is NXTUltrasonicSensor and NOT NXTSoundSensor. This took some time for me to discover because its the same component but different functions that it has to perform.

      Then you need to check if the properties are right (still in the design view). I have the following:
      Alle values true
      BluetoothClient1.. (depends on what you call your client)
      BottomOfRange: 10
      SensorPort: 4
      TopOfRange: 200

      One good thing is to add the NxtDirectCommands (remember to set its client) and use the block NxtDirectCommands1.PlayTone (freqencyHz=500, durationMs=500) for testing out the NxtUlstrasonicSensor1.BelowRange block in the block view.

      I think this should do it.

      One last thing: I would not recommend you to sell the app. A lot of people have been having trouble getting it to work. AI does not make light apps and Bluetooth is not perfect – so you just end up having a lot of complaints because people expect things to be working when they pay for it. Just take it as a good practice and enjoy controlling you NXT with your phone.

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