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1415 SMS app

I just made yet another app! This time I really got my hands dirty with some hard coding – but I really like the result and think it was worth i.

I’ll make some improvement to it and then I’ll show a lot of love to Kvaksalver and especially PRO. So be prepared!

It’s been about a month since kvaksalver was published on the android market. It has been a great experience and much better then I anticipated. It has been downloaded over 600 times in a month!

Therefore I have worked hard on improvements since it seems to fulfill some users needs.

I have made some user interface improvement and launched a PRO version.

You can now decide your own button function by choosing from a predefined list of search engines/databases.

The PRO version has some cool features and is mostly for the people than needs a bit more.

Home screen

PRO version include:

* 2 more buttons
* Ability to add your own search engine (see video below)
* move app2SD
* 1 dedicated PubMed button (in free version it is accessed through a Entrez search)
* Good feeling (buying the app supports me and that must give a good feeling ­čśë

Add your own search engine

Watch video here: http://screenr.com/K6u

Dedicated PubMed search

Hope you like the improvements and comment if you have any suggestions.

Kvaksalver goes live!


Kvaksalver logoI’m very happy that my very first app has been publish on the android market.

It’s a dream come true.

It’s┬ábasically just a proof-of-concept app with some potential..

The home menu of kvaksalver

I like to see it as a kind of meta-search-engine-app (for android).It’s just time-saver that spares you the trouble of opening the browser, typing in the URL and your query in the search field.

The neat thing is that if you press back you come back to the app and can search another database – which is handy if you want to check different websites/databases.


It was build to please Danish students which is why there are some Danish website/databases. But I try to make it easy to use for people not speaking Danish.


If you have any suggestions (like new features or databases) you would like it to support – leave a comment or e-mail me.

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